Flock Agency is a boutique event styling and production company

We are dedicated experts who live and breath events. We understand the importance of producing seamless live brand experiences.          We believe that a successful event can cut through the clutter of ordinary and shed the light on the extraordinary.



Sunglass Hut/Prada Conference 

Sunglass Hut/Prada Conference 


Our team is passionate about creating atmosphere through innovative event design. From Alice in wonderland to a neon jungle we have trnasformed rooms and blown minds all over Australia.

Mimco Runway Creative and production

Mimco Runway Creative and production


Our team has worked closely with several specialist production companies over the past 15 years and have garnered a firm understanding of all aspects of event production. We understand the technical requirements and have hands on experience on all aspects of production from large event builds to lighting and AV plots.

Peugeot Make you Body Win activaiton


We understand the influence and importance of live brand experiences and have worked alongside many clients to deliver impactful and engaging consumer focused events. 

From designing a interactive kitten house in St Martins place to a live to air broadcast of a NRL match Million Dollar Kick we connect brands to their consumer by creating unforgettable moments.